Urgent Support

Time Management


5 pm

As a student at IIT-B, it is natural to occasionally feel overwhelmed given the number of commitments you have to keep up with. Often students feel like they're constantly running out of time and trying to keep up with the schedules. Sometimes, taking a step back and prioritising and setting goals can prove useful. 

To address this Bandhu, a SWC initiative is organizing a workshop on TIME MANAGEMENT by Ms Nivedita Pawar, consultant counsellor, SWC. 
This session will talk about tools and techniques that can be really helpful to effectively manage your time, prioritize work and set effective goals.

To join the live stream of the session please visit https://youtu.be/O69I8nnf3HI

A talk on digital wellbeing by Rijul Arora


11 am

“Do you check your phone first thing in the morning or last thing in the night?"
"Do you feel your screens are in control of you instead of the other way around?"

We surely can relate to the above questions and empathize that we currently have an unhealthy relationship with Technology. Digital addiction has become a rather serious issue that has a negative impact on mental health. Especially now, when almost everything has been shifted online, our relationship with technology has become more crucial than ever. And it is thus important that we understand this interaction and engage with it judiciously, not letting it command our life.

To address this, Bandhu is organizing a transformational workshop and personal mentorship on Digital Well Being enabling increased mental and physical well being focusing on higher levels of happiness and productivity levels. Rijul Arora, 2 times TEDx speaker and Digital Transformation Consultant at EY, will be conducting the talk. 

Look forward to a session explaining the easy steps of digital detox.

Energy Management in the Human Body


10 AM

We receive and generate a huge amount of energy (Prana Shakti), which can help us recover from psychosomatic disorders, improve the capacity of the brain to absorb, and help us with a stress-free life.

To address this, Bandhu - A SWC initiative  is organizing a session by Yoga guru Sri Deepak Parmar to guide students in Meditation and Yog to help deal with stress, anxiety, and even psychosomatic disorders.

Request you to wear comfortable clothes, stay hydrated, not eat anything right before the session.

Introduction to Mindfulness


6.30 pm

Mindfulness, a powerful form of meditation can reduce the negative effects of stress and increase students’ ability to stay engaged, helping them stay on track academically and avoid behaviour problems. We are sure it is enough to convince you to join us for an immersing mindfulness session by Mr. Vivek Mohile, an IITB alumnus of the batch 1992, who has also completed a Diploma in Buddhist Psychology and Psychotherapy, is a certified facilitator and counsellor and will be organizing a session to introduce the instizens to Mindfulness.

Do join us on 8th November at 6:30 PM

A fun talk show about self care & mental health


7 pm


Bandhu, IIT Bombay presents, ‘Happiness begins from within’. A session on Self-care and Mental Health by Azeem Banatwalla, Stand-up Comedian and Sana Khan, co-founders of the podcast ‘Senti-Mental’ in conversation with the host Divija Bhasin. 

Look forward to some heart-warming chat on 6th November at 7 PM on Zoom. 

Launch of Bandhu - a self help website


Bandhu was launched on 1st November in the presence of Minister of State Shri Sanjay Dhotre and renowned filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari. 
Here's the recording of the launch event, along with the interactive session, where the renowned filmmaker shed light on his experience in IIT Bombay, his struggles with mental health and the importance of mental health and initiatives such as Bandhu.

Life@IITB: First year UG Students


Collaboration: Student Mentor Programme and Student Wellness Centre, IIT Bombay
Key Takeaway: A series of talks by current students, alumni and counsellors was organized to help students understand the importance of balancing their time, managing stress and having a growth mindset.

Parent Orientation 2019


Collaboration: Dean ACR Office, ISCP and Student Wellness Centre, IIT Bombay
Key Takeaway: Student counsellors addressed the parents of the incoming students to share the challenges students face at IITB

Time and Stress Management Workshop


Collaboration: ISCP and Student Wellness Centre, IIT Bombay
Key Takeaway: How mismanagement of time leads to stress. Several methods of managing stress were shared such as benchmarking personal progress vs looking at competition.